Any business, anywhere with Modulpoint

ModulPoint was born after years of research and experimentation on temporary modules for commercial. ModulPoint modules are versatile, perfect for commercials and very easy to assemble with reasonable costs. Modularity, lightness and mobility are the principal characteristics of the modules. ModulPoint’s target is to offer customers to satisfy all commercial and service requests, temporary or fixed, with fast and honest process, in according with hygienic rules. Design, portability and use of recyclable materials, are the three fundamental points of ModulPoint project.


Main features:

  • Simple structure made of recyclable materials;
  • Ease of removal within few hours, and with no need for oversize load transport, in compliance with the temporary structures regulations;
  • No concrete elements, as required for parks and environmental safeguarded areas;
  • Several external and internal claddings available;
  • Certificate of conformity for hydraulic and electric systems;
  • Toilets, also autonomous;
  • Respect for hygiene and public health standards.

Prefabricated Modules:

Steel structures and metal sandwich insulated panels are the principal elements of modules.
They are sturdy and light, easy to install using a normal truck without special shipping, in few hours. Modules are perfect for every temporary commercial request.

Semi-stationary Modules:

Customize structures for a permanent use, with certified hardware and metal carpentry, walls in metal sandwich insulated panels. They need a concrete base to fixe and to provide for water and electric supplies. With this solution it’s possible to realize buildings with big surface.